Monday, 27 August 2012 18:09

Islam Will Rule the World

Take a look at the video that I just posted on the News Video page of this website. It is entitled: Egyptian Cleric Safwat Higazi: The Day Will Come When We Will Be Masters of the World.

This is the cleric who spoke at the presidential campaign of Muslim Brotherhood’s Candidate Muhammad Mursi. It is clear that they want Jerusalem to be the capital of the Muslim world. The end time Bible prophecy of Daniel 11:45 tells us that they will get their wish. The Caliphate will be established in Jerusalem. And when they do, this will prepare the way for them to become the masters of the world.    

As reported in a WND article, “Two-thirds of a billion Muslims expect the Mahdi – the last Islamic imam they believe will come and rule the world – to arrive in their lifetimes, according to a new Pew Research poll.

 Muslims believe that the Caliphate will be once again be established, uniting the 2.1 billion Muslims.

 The capital of the United States of the Arabs will be Jerusalem," preacher tells thousands at Brotherhood rally.

Daniel 11:45 is on the verge of fulfillment. The end time prophecies of Daniel 12 and Revelation 13 will soon be witnessed.

Friday, 10 August 2012 18:39

War with Iran?

According to a Reuters August 10, 2012 news release, it appears trouble in the Middle East may soon escalate.

“JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel's prime minister and defense minister would like to attack Iran's nuclear sites before the U.S. election in November but lack crucial support within their cabinet and military, an Israeli newspaper said on Friday.

“The front-page report in the biggest-selling daily Yedioth Ahronoth came amid mounting speculation - fuelled by media leaks from both the government and its detractors at home and abroad - that war with Iran could be imminent even though it might rupture the bedrock ties between Israel and the United States.

“Haaretz, an influential liberal Israeli newspaper, quoted an unnamed senior official in the Netanyahu government as saying the Jewish state - widely assumed to have the region's only atomic arsenal - potentially faced a greater danger from Iran than on the eve of its 1967 war with several Arab neighbors.

“That thinking seems to be gaining ground domestically.”

Turkey has a policy of Zero Problems with our neighbors. It looks like the only way to implement this policy is for Turkey to take charge of the Middle East through the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate (Daniel 11:45). Will the Caliphate be set up through might of arms or through diplomatic channels? I believe that we will soon know the answer to this question. 

Friday, 10 August 2012 15:15

Thought Provoking Questions

Douglas Reed asks thought provoking questions in his August 9, 2012 article: “Why have all American presidents, since Nixon, turned a blind eye to Zionism`s undeclared nuclear weapons program?

“Why do Evangelical Christians support a Zionist state and would it be able to exist without their undoubted influence upon US foreign policy?

“Why does the Netanyahu government treat the UN with such disdain given that it is the international authority that gave it birth in 1948?

“Is US support for just 5 million Zionists in the form of billions of dollars in aid every year a true representation of the will of 308 million Americans, 45 million of whom do not have enough food to feed their own families?

“If there is an unprovoked military attack upon a non-nuclear Iran, will the inevitable retaliation that will impact the Middle East and the wider world be acceptable? What will be the consequences of such an attack turning nuclear in the face of massive Iranian retaliatory action?”

Why isn’t anyone asking the question, “What will happen to the state of Israel when the Muslim Brotherhood’s goal of an Islamic Caliphate is planted in Palestine?” The sure word of Bible prophecy (Daniel 11:45) tells us that the Muslims will achieve their goal. And with this achievement the world will be brought into a time of trouble such as this earth has never witnessed (Daniel 12:1).  

This movie is about the Muslim conquest of Constantinople in 1453. On reading the reviews of this movie, I think it will flame the desire for the reestablishment of the glory days of the Ottoman Empire. I believe this film will encourage the Turks to fulfill their prophetic destiny.


Joel Richardson has a view on prophecy that is stirring up some feelings. Take a look at this WND article entitled: MUSLIM ANTICHRIST? IDEA STIRS HORNET'S NEST.


I disagree with Richardson’s interpretation of prophecy. but note the similarities between his view and Uriah Smith’s. 

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